Payments on Your Account:

Online; Stargas Utilities Ltd. is listed under "Bill Pay" on the Web pages of Canadian Banks (all but the Hong Bank of Canada)

Credit Card; we'll process your payment monthly on its due date; if you'd like to utilize this program, provide the necessary details to our to our administrator to be included on our credit card pay routine.

Cheque by mail; Make payments to Stargas Utilities Ltd., 2475 Dobbin Road, Unit 3, PO Box 26039, West Kelowna, B.C. V4T 2G3 (please mail in sufficient time to ensure payment is received before the cut-off date).



We can, if provided instructions by you, not print and mail your monthly invoice, but scan and email a copy to you each month. If you'd like to receive your bills by email, provide your email address and authorization to our administrator.



Reducing Gas Consumption/Saving Energy Costs:

Install a programmable thermostat with day/sleep temperatures

Wear sweaters' rather than turn up the heat on cold days

Ensure windows and doors are closed and properly sealed

Turn off pilot light over the summer

Ensure you've changed the furnace's filter on a regular basis