We will need to gather some information before we can provide a quotation on the price and timing of your commercial installation (a visit to your site will very likely be required).  Please contact our administrator who, after gathering the necessary information for your new enterprise, will be in a position to obtain an estimate from our contractor on the cost and timing of the job. In order to make a determination of your expected gas load, we'll need a listing of the appliances to be served and the BTU requirement for each.  We will also need to know the required Delivery Pressure - you gas contractor will have that information. Please provide us the name and phone number of your gas contractor so that we can coordinate all aspects of the installation.  We will also need to assess any unusual conditions that might impact the installation.  Our contractor will ask for a site plan, will want to know if there are other utilities within the running line, and the gas service distance from the property line to the meter location.  If new construction, we'll need to know when you'll be ready (lockup stage) and ground within 6 inches of final grade.

Once we've been able to relay the necessary information to our contractor (Fortis), we'll be able to classify your account as large commercial (expected annual volumes greater than 2,000 gigajoules or as small commercial.

With the preliminary assessment completed and with your agreement on the timing and cost of installation, we can process your application and complete the work.

>>> Commercial Application Form  <<<<


Commercial Application


Once we've quoted the cost of installation and had your agreement on it, we'll ask that you complete and forward the applicaiton to us. The form can be completed using the computer. However, since it requires a signature, it must be printed, signed and sent back to us.


It can be sent to us by;

Snail Mail;

Stargas Utilities Ltd

2475 Dobbin Road, Unit 3, PO Box 26039

West Kelowna, BC

V4T 2G3


+1 (778) 479-3375 or

Scan and Email;

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Follow up service:

If at any point in time, you require our services to increase your pressure, alter supply, change out a meter(s) or any other aspect related to our gas service please complete and print the attached form.  Our administrator will be happy to obtain a quote from our contractor/gas fitter and to coordinate meeting your needs in a timely fashion.


>>> Commercial Service Request Form  <<<<

Adobe reader is needed to open this form.  Adobe may include other toolbarsa etc. with their product - However you can get a "clean" adobe reader here