Stargas was established under the corporate umbrella of Silver Star Mountain Resort in 1999 to ensure the safe and economical supply of fuel.   At that time it was recognized that as the resort expanded and the initial debt extinguished, that economies of scale could provide significant savings to customers.  When Silver Star Resort was sold to the Schumann family, Messrs. Buchanan and Blumes, through their holding companies, acquired the utility. In August 2012, the Blumes family acquired the interests of Mr. Buchanan as an element of the latter's retirement strategy.  The shareholders accept that investing in and providing ongoing support to the Company requires that they not earn otherwise allowable returns on their equity investment until volumes delivered increase to levels sufficient to absorb all of the utility's costs (including that return).

British Columbia Utilities Commission:

The British Columbia Utilities Commission ("BCUC") exercises statutory control over our rates, costs, rates of return, operation of facilities and accounting policies.  Their oversight covers all aspects of our operations; they have and continue to approve our contracts with gas and service suppliers, our financing arrangements and management costs.  To intervene in any of our applications or to make a complaint about any aspect of our services, customers can contact the Commission through their web site at bcuc.com.