June 6, 2017 a line break below the Silver Star Resort boundary resulted in service throughout the resort to be shut off; the situation remedied; to restore service, home and business owners must call the FortisBC 24 hour Customer Contact Centre to advise that they are available for relights - please call 1-877-711-8877


If you smell gas;

1) Get out

2) Get away

3) Call 911 using a neighbors phone or a cellular phone

Then call 

1 (800) 663-9911 Fortis BC Emergency Line

       1 (888) 224-2710 Fortis BC Customer Service

1 (250) 808-0391 Stargas Office



Call before you dig 

Whether you're grading your driveway, landscaping, planting trees, installing fences or digging for whatever reason, you must have utility information before you start. For your safety and the safety of others request gas line information from BC One Call. Don't take a chance! Always call before you dig to avoid the dangers and expense of hitting an underground utility line. Our gas lines are placed at relatively shallow depths and with snow removal, etc. their overburden may have been compromised.


Call 1-800-474-6886; mobile *9886 

Call a minimum of three days before you start your project. Fortis will provide you with information that will enable you to safely determine the location of underground utilities within your identified work area.


Meter/Regulator Protection: 

Protecting your meter and its regulator from snow and ice that could compromise its operation/your safety is the responsibility of the home owner. Remove any built-up snow (by hand) ensuring that the regulator and shut off valve are clear. Do not kick or hit the meter to remove ice and ensure that snowblower's are kept at a safe distance.